Government Dismisses Assistant Attorney General Following Physical Altercation

Bangladesh Government Takes Action: Assistant Attorney General removed for slapping fellow lawyer over the collection of food tokens following a preparatory meeting of Bangabandhu Awami Ainjibi Parishad


Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In a recent and controversial decision, the Bangladesh government has dismissed Tamanna Ferdous from her role as an Assistant Attorney General. The decision comes in the wake of a physical altercation involving Ferdous and another lawyer, Md Mojibur Rahman, which occurred on October 3rd at the Supreme Court premises.

According to sources, the incident unfolded after a preparatory meeting of the Bangabandhu Awami Lawyers’ Council, where Ferdous reportedly slapped Assistant Attorney General Mojibur Rahman over what was described as a trivial matter. The altercation was significant enough to lead to Advocate Rahman filing a complaint with the Supreme Court Bar Association, which prompted the government’s decisive action.

The Law and Justice Division of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, acting on the directive of the President, issued a formal notification of Ferdous’s dismissal. This step underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining decorum and professional conduct within its legal framework.

Advocate Tamanna Ferdous PHOTO: COLLECTED

Advocate Mojibur Rahman, the victim in this incident, expressed satisfaction with the government’s decision, indicating that he felt justice had been served. This case has drawn significant attention, with a video clip of the incident gaining traction on social media and sparking widespread public debate.

The government’s action in this case is a clear message about the expectations for professional conduct in the legal field. The dismissal of a high-ranking legal officer for such behavior is a significant move and indicates a zero-tolerance policy towards unprofessional conduct, especially in high-profile legal positions.

The incident and subsequent dismissal of Tamanna Ferdous have garnered widespread attention, both within the legal community and among the general public, raising questions about the standards of professional behavior expected from public officials.