Supreme Court of Bangladesh on its first ever verdict on war crimes: Abdul Quader Molla sentenced death

Supreme Court has found Abdul Quader Molla guilty of murders and other war crimes, and ordered his execution, replacing his life sentence which was given by the International Crimes Tribunal. The top appeals court agreed with the prosecution plea for the death penalty with a 4-1 majority.

Chief defence counsel Barrister Abdul Razzaq said while talking to the journalists“We are respectful of the highest court in the land and we are bound to accept this verdict”. He also said this is the first time that the Supreme Court gave death for something that the trial court sentenced life in prison. Barrister Razzaq termed the verdict as ‘wrong’ and said: “We will file a review petition within 30 days of receiving the full verdict.”
However, the Attorney General for Bangladesh while speaking to the press clearly said that no review petition of the judgment is possible according to the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973.
The trial court’s verdict of a life sentence on this case triggered a month-long procession, and the government was forced to amend the 1973 Act by International Crimes (Tribunals) Amendment Bill 2013  because, previously, the prosecution could appeal only in case of an acquittal.