Digital Security Rules, 2020

The Government of Bangladesh through a gazette on April 9th, 2018 published the Digital Security Act, 2018 to make provisions for ensuring digital security and identification, prevention, suppression and trial of offences committed through digital device and for matters ancillary thereto and subsequently enacted the following Rules exercising the power given to the government by the said Act.
The Rule provides the following provisions:
1. Short title.
2. Definitions.
3. Powers of Digital Security Agency.
4. Responsibiilities and Functions of Digital Security Agency.
5. Powers and Responsibiilities of the Director General.
6. Responsibiilities and Functions of National Computer Emergency Response Team.
7. Sending information and etc. regarding Disital Security.
8. Office of the National Computer Emergency Response Team.
9. Regular Responsibiilities of National Computer Emergency Response Team.
10. Information Exchange.
11. Taking Action on Digital Scurity Issues.
12. Evalutation of Critical Information Structure.
13. Establishment of Digital Forensic Lab.
14. Standard to be followed by Digital Forensic Lab.
15. Forensic Analysis of Evidence.
16. Manpower of Digital Forensic Lab.
17. Obligations to be followed by the person or organization operating the important information infrastructure.
18. Audit of Important Information Infrastructure
19. Identification of of Important Information Infrastructure
20. Assistance of the concerned person or organization