Depositing fines for convicted prisoners

The convicts in the prisons commonly intend to pay the fine soon before the end of their imprisonment or immediately at the end of their term of imprisonment. However, the Prisons Act, 1894 does not offer any provision for the convicted prisoners to pay fines directly to the Prison Authority.

Warning Signals for Sea and River Ports

Knowledge about the warning signals is significant for general mass to prepare for the storms and protect lives and property.

Process to procure certified copy of a registered deed

When a document is registered in the relevant sub-registry office, it has been kept on records to ensure authenticity and enforceability. Any interested person with sufficient details may search for a specific document and collect a certified copy from the relevant sub-registry office and verify the authenticity of the document.

Child Adoption Procedure in Bangladesh

Previously, in 1972 the procedure of an adoption was simple, mainly for speeding up the adoption by the foreign foster parents of the children who lost their parents in the liberation war. But this procedure was amended in 1981.

Process to be registered as Advocate Clerk in Bangladesh

  Advocate Clerks are employed by advocates to provide assistance to their legal business. The role and responsibilities of the clerks are extensive and mostly...
Bangladesh Government Takes Action: Assistant Attorney General removed for slapping fellow lawyer over the collection of food tokens following a preparatory meeting of Bangabandhu Awami Ainjibi Parishad.
Appellate Division enforces the 2005 High Court directive, prohibiting lawyer processions and assemblies in court premises.
WHO Chief emphasised that this declaration does not imply that the disease is no longer a worldwide threat. The WHO head expressed optimism while making this statement.
The acting Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court has granted an exemption to lawyers from wearing black gowns during court proceedings due to the scorching heat and humidity. This decision comes after advocates and senior advocates requested relief from the hardship caused by the weather. The exemption is in effect until the next regular session of the HC after the summer vacation in June 2023 and is similar to exemptions granted to lawyers in other high courts across India.
Urgent applications in this regard, including the admissibility of civil and criminal appeals, may be heard in virtual presence.
Advocate Yusuf Hossain Humayun said, the scripts have been examined by both outsiders and the judges for quick release of the results.

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